Strážnice Symposiums

The tradition of symposiums held at the National Institute of Folk Culture in Strážnice has lasted for several decades. It is associated with the hitherto development of the Institute, during which the scientific, research and documentation activities have deepened.

At the turn of the 1960s and 1970s, the Institute was designed as a specialized ethnographic institution. Its research fellows became involved in team research tasks, and from 1972 they took part in the solution of partial task contained in the State Plan of Basic Research. The Institute became a venue of scientific conferences and seminaries, often with international participation. This was the beginning of the tradition of Strážnice symposiums, whose focus followed ongoing needs and tasks of the Institute. The results of those symposiums are made available to the professional public in the form of anthologies. These anthologies can be studied in the form of presence study at the National Institute of Folk Culture in Strážnice.