The List of Intangible Elements of Traditional Folk Culture of the Czech Republic was established by Minister´s order No. 41/2008 in accordance with the Resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic from  11th June 2003 No. 571 for the Strategy of Improved Care for Traditional Folk Couture in the Czech Republic (Art. 4.2.5.), and for the implementation of the Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage, where the Czech Republic became a party to the treaty on 18th Mai 2009.

The List of Intangible Elements of Traditional Folk Culture of the Czech Republic focuses on the protection, preservation, identification, and development of and support to the intangible cultural heritage in the Czech Republic. With reference to Minister´s order No. 41 from 22nd December 2008 and to the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, the Department of Regional and National Culture of the Ministry of Culture issued a methodological instruction to conduct this List. The National List is defined as a List of Intangible Elements of Traditional Folk Culture of the Czech Republic, which highlights the fact that it focuses mainly on the phenomena of traditional culture in rural communities.

Timber-Rafting Tradition on the Vltava River

Amateur Theatre in the Czech Republic

Milevsko Masks – the Shrovetide Procession of Masks

Plaque Processions in Brtnice

Handmade Shrovetide Masks in Zákupy

Easter Festival of Matičky and Christ Child´s Matičky in the Haná Region

Easter Door-to-Door Processions with Boys Dressed as Judas in the Bučovice Area

Skřípácký-Style Music in the Jihlava Area

The Nativity Scenes Journey in Třešť

Folk Tradition of Glass-Bead Christmas Ornaments

Bohemian Puppetry – folk interpretation art

Traditional Healing Procedures and the Legacy of Vincenz Priessnitz

Indigo Hand-Blockprint Technique

Run for the Barchan

Puppetry in Eastern Bohemia

Leading the Judas

Wallachian Odzemek

Gamekeeping – planned sustainable management of game animals and of the environment as a natural part of life in rural areas

Falconry – the art of breeding the birds of prey, their protection, training and hunting with them

Rides of the Kings in the South-East of the Czech Republic

Shrovetide Door-To-Door Processions and Masks in the Villages of the Hlinecko Area

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